Redding Man Faces 60 Years To Life In Prison After Murder Conviction

A Redding man has been found guilty by a jury of murdering an elderly man. 77-year-old William Robert Humphries was found dead by his family in February of 2018 at his home on Gaucho Road, which is off Boyle near Old Alturas. Bill Humphries had been shot multiple times with a 22 caliber revolver by 37-year-old Chance Locken. The gun was stolen from one of Locken’s family members. Locken broke into Humphries’ house and murdered him, and also shot his 16-year-old dog. He then stole a number of guns from the home before setting fire to some grass near the home’s wooden deck. Locken was arrested a few days later on Dune Street and told Redding Police that he had awakened in an unfamiliar home near a dead man who had been shot. Locken was found guilty of first degree murder, burglary, grand theft of firearms, animal cruelty and enhancements. When he’s sentenced on March 15h, Locken could get 60 years to life in prison.