REU Director Hired To Run Roseville Electric Utility

A man seen by many as one of the City of Redding’s most competent individuals is moving on. Redding Electric Utility Director Dan Beans has accepted an offer to head up the electric utility in Roseville, and his tenure in Redding ends on Thursday. Beans had 12 years experience in the private sector before being hired 17 years ago by REU as an electrical engineer. He has led the utility through some of its most difficult times, including the 2017 floods, the 2018 Carr Fire, the 2019 “Snowmaggedon” and the pandemic of the past two years. Throughout these crises the utility has continued to flourish and provide extra resources to other city departments. REU, which has 200 employees and an annual budget of $148 Million, is now searching far and wide for new leadership.