Baugh Says He’s Been Locked Out Of Chamber As Supervisors Meeting Will Be Held Virtually

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors Chambers will be closed to the public again, starting with Tuesday’s meeting, and one supervisor says that even the board is being denied access. Les Baugh says the doors have been reprogrammed and his key card doesn’t work. On his Facebook page Baugh says that nobody has the authority to order such a lockout, including Chairman of the Board Leonard Moty nor County Executive Officer Matt Pontes. Baugh is crying foul, even though he says he had not intended to defy the restrictions and open the chambers Tuesday. Patrick Jones, however, has said in recent days that he was contemplating doing just that. On the Red, White and Blueprint Facebook page, Jones says he’s planning to participate in the meeting from the plaza just outside the chamber doors. This will be the final supervisors meeting before next Tuesday’s recall election that could remove Leonard Moty from the board, for which Jones and Baugh have been vocal proponents. Last January, as the other three supervisors conducted the meeting remotely in accordance with the guidelines, Jones and Baugh attended in person and even opened the chambers to the public. Links to watch online and make comments are on the county website.