CHP: Intoxicated Driver Of Sedan Causes Big Rig To Crash Into Building In North Chico

A driver who failed to stop at stop sign on Highway 99 in North Chico was arrested for DUI after causing a big rig to crash into a building, according to the CHP. The CHP reports that at about 6:15AM Thursday morning a Volvo sedan was traveling northbound on the Esplanade. The driver apparently failed to stop at the stop sign at the intersection with Highway 99, and continued onto Northbound 99 at high speed. The Volvo apparently drove right into the path of a southbound big rig. The driver of the Walmart truck slammed on the breaks, but was unable to stop the truck.The truck struck the left rear of the car which spun out of control and crashed into a ditch. The collision forced the big rig off the southeastern side of the highway, and the front of the truck came to rest inside of a metal building. The driver of the big rig suffered minor injuries. The unidentified driver of the Volvo was arrested on suspicion of DUI and was taken to Enloe Hospital for minor injuries.