Some County Departments Will Limit In Person Services As COVID-19 Cases Surge

No deaths by Covid were reported by Shasta County Public Health on Wednesday. The latest totals show 197 new cases, with 51 in the hospital and 12 in the ICU. The number of cases may be incomplete due to the large number of at home tests being administered. Some of those may not report to public health. The CDC is recommending that everyone get a booster and that mixing and matching is ok. If you are vaccinated, you may still get COVID-19, but the symptoms will not be as severe. Cases among those 17 and under, and who are incarcerated have spiked in California since last week. One youth was admitted to a hospital after experiencing severe symptoms.

Meantime, with the rise in cases some county departments will limit their in person services until further notice. All essential service will remain open. Many services are available online at For information on testing or vaccinations visit