Missing Redding Woman’s DNA Matches Victim Found Near Nations Capitol

A missing Redding woman is believed to have fallen victim to a serial killer in the Washington D.C. area. 49-year-old Stephanie Harrison was reported missing to Redding Police on August 31st. Harrison had traveled to the nation’s capitol as a tourist, telling her sister she was going to visit the capitol building. Credit card records show she had checked in to the Moon Inn Motel in Alexandria, Virginia. According to Fairfax County Police, that motel was a favorite location for accused murderer 35-year-old Anthony Eugene Robinson to find his victims. He’s called the “Shopping Cart Killer” because he allegedly used a shopping cart to carry the remains of victims to dump them in vacant lots and wooded areas. Last month DNA was acquired by Fairfax County Detectives from Stephanie Harrison’s family in Redding. On Friday the department announced that Harrison’s remains were a positive match to the DNA. So far, the remains of five women have been found that police suspect were killed by Robinson.