APD: Felon Found With Meth, Ecstasy, & 6 Guns

A Marysville man was busted early Monday morning by Anderson Police, who say they found some heavy duty guns, drugs and money. At 3AM an APD Officer pulled over 45-year-old Douglas Pitts on Pleasant Hills Drive near Ballentine Drive. As the officer walked up to the car he saw an illegal expandable baton, so he waited for backup. When officers ordered Pitts to get out, they say he was reluctant and seemed to be trying to access something near the driver’s seat. Once he was pulled out and handcuffed, a loaded revolver was apparently found next to his seat. Officers also reported finding two more handguns, three rifles, ammo, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, and about $16,000. Pitts has prior felony convictions prohibited gun possession. He was booked into jail on several charges.