Whitmore Man Arrested For Attempted Murder After Standoff On Monday Evening

A Whitmore man with a serious collection of firepower was arrested after a standoff with Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies Monday evening. At 5:17PM Faith Wilding called 9-1-1 from the Whitmore Store. She said her father, Lance Wilding, had severely beaten her mother but she couldn’t call 9-1-1 from the house because her father had ripped the phone from the wall. As she was gathering her two small children to flee, Lance reportedly told her that he was going to kill his wife and would kill any law enforcement officers who might try and come take him into custody. She said he had a lot of guns and thousands of rounds of ammo, and that he had been staging the guns around the house in preparation for a shootout with the law. He also apparently had talked about placing propane tanks around the yard so he could shoot them and blow them up when law enforcement approached. As Faith left the house the last thing she saw was her mother laying on a couch brutally beaten, and as she walked away she heard a gunshot and feared the worst. Deputies set up a perimeter around the house on Whitmore Road and used a loudspeaker to tell Lance to come outside. After about 10 minutes he surrendered. His wife was hospitalized with severe bruising and a traumatic brain injury. The house was just as well armed as Faith had described, with many high capacity magazines. Lance was booked on many charges, including attempted murder.