Driver Leads Authorities On High Speed Pursuit In Stolen Vehicle Across Siskiyou County

Mount Shasta Police were led on a very dangerous high speed chase on icy roads early Monday morning. A little before 1AM someone reported a vehicle break-in, with the thieves making off with more than a Thousand Dollars worth of goods. The suspects weren’t known, but the victim provided a vehicle description. A short time later, an officer spotted the car on Mount Shasta Boulevard with no lights or license plates. The driver fled out of town, heading up Highway 89 toward McCloud, then turned around and drove the other way at over 100 miles an hour. As the chase reached Interstate 5, the officer backed off because of the poor road conditions, but another officer spotted the car heading north on Highway 97 and took chase, trailing the car on A-12 Road all the way to Yreka, where the suspect tried several times to run officers off the road. The car became disabled when it was driven up a steep hill toward I-5, and the occupants, 24-year-old Austin Hampton and 20-year-old Blake Gehrig, were arrested at gunpoint. The stolen goods were recovered, and the vehicle had been stolen from Oregon.