RPD: Woman Wearing Body Armor Arrested After Firing Gun Near Highway 44

An armed and armored woman fended off maintenance personnel from a shuttered motel, according to Redding Police. Friday afternoon, officers were called to the River Inn on Park Marina Drive, which has been abandoned for several years. Two workers said they had arrived to repair a broken window and were confronted by woman wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with a handgun, accusing them of breaking in. They tried to tell her they were there working and she fired two rounds toward Highway 44. She then said she was going to get a rifle and fled to the south. Just after that, 27-year-old Jordan Windberry called from her house on Park Marina Drive to report the incident, saying she fired warning shots to prevent a break-in at the motel. Windberry was taken for questioning. She said she was cleaning homeless camps when she saw the two men at the motel and tried to scare them away. Police searched her home and found a handgun, two rifles and body armor. Windberry was booked for assault with a gun, brandishing and criminal threats.