Redding Fire Officials Extend Backyard Burning Season Until The End Of January

Backyard burning season is being extended for another month for the City of Redding. Normally, pile burning is only allowed during the months of November and April, but the wet weather is allowing for the extension to a third month and now will be permissible to the end of January. Any greenwaste that fits should be stuffed into greenwaste containers, and if requested the city will provide an extra can. Those who burn piles in Redding and in the Buckeye District need to print a permit from There’s no charge for the permit, but it must be filled out and in hand while burning. It allows for a burn pile of up to 4 feet. Those burning larger piles of up to 10 feet need to get a $16 permit by calling the fire department at 225-4141. Burn days are determined daily by county air quality officials, and left on a recording after 9:15AM at 224-8777.