Deputies Arrest Man After Traffic Stop Uncovers Drugs & Ammunition

A Shasta Lake City man who allegedly consented to have his car searched ended up with a search of his home as well. On Monday a Cadillac with Michigan plates was pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy. The driver, Damon Odell Dennis has been stopped in the same car multiple times in the past couple of years since his registration expired. When asked if there was anything illegal in the car, Dennis reportedly said he had some ammunition, which he was forbidden to possess due to prior felonies. The sheriff’s office says a search revealed ammunition, as well as three bags of Meth totaling 14 Grams. Upon further questioning Dennis apparently said he had a handgun and rifle at his home. A search warrant was acquired and at Dennis’ home deputies reported finding more Meth and 8 guns, including a banned SKS rifle and a rifle stolen from Redding in 2013. Dennis was booked on multiple drug and weapons charges, as well as child endangerment.