Red Bluff Man Sentenced To 40 Years To Life In Prison

A Red Bluff man has been given a long prison sentence for brutally abusing his family. 54-year-old Robert Farwell had already had been ordered by the courts to stay away from the family home because of prior abuse. In July of 2018 Farwell spent three days torturing the mother of his children. He punched, kicked, and kneed her repeatedly, struck her with various objects, pulled her head back by her hair so far that she couldn’t breathe, smothered her, stood on her stomach with all of his 240 pounds, raped her repeatedly in various ways and left many bite marks on her, as well as contusions to her liver and kidney and massive bruising all over her body. He also pistol-whipped her, and pistol-whipped and kicked their child. The victim was eventually able to escape to a neighbor’s house to call for help. Farwell has been in jail on $5 Million bail for the last three years. A jury convicted him last month and he’s now been sentenced to 40 years to life in prison.