K9 Injured In Shootout With RPD Officers Struck By Friendly Fire

A police dog recently injured in a shootout was apparently struck by friendly fire. 30-year-old Alan Parsons is accused of beating and robbing an 80-year-old woman in her home. The victim had hired Parsons to do some work at her Allegheny Drive house last year. He’s accused of throwing a cinder block through her glass back door December 13th, punching her multiple times, and fleeing with her jewelry, wallet and car. She was able to crawl out the door and make it to a neighbor’s house. He was later spotted at Win-River Casino and was confronted by a K9 Officer and his partner. Both Parsons and the dog were shot. Parsons was on parole and pending sentencing in another felony case at the time of his arrest. He’s being held with no bail on that case and a Million Dollars on the new case. Arraignment was last Wednesday on many charges, but the charge of “assaulting a police animal causing a serious injury” was dismissed because the bullet that struck the dog was fired by his human partner as the dog struggled with Parsons. Parsons pleaded not guilty. He returns to court January 5th. The dog is recovering at home with his partner, who remains on administrative leave.