RPD Uses Bean Bag Round To Help End Standoff In Downtown Redding

A man was taken into custody after a tense standoff with police in Downtown Redding Tuesday afternoon. At around 4 O’clock officers were called to a private bed and breakfast on Riverside Drive near the north end of California Street on reports of a man sitting in the front yard drinking a bottle of whiskey. The dispatcher was told that he might have a gun. 35-year-old Christopher Sage reportedly told arriving officers that he might make them shoot him, adding that he had just been released from prison for the fifth time. He kept drinking his whiskey and refusing to do what officers told him to do. Seeing it as a possible mental health crisis, officers called in the Critical Incident Response Team. They talked to Sage for about 20 minutes without getting through to him. After giving multiple warnings officers shot Sage with a beanbag, which hit him in the abdomen. It had little effect, but provided enough distraction for officers to rush in and take Sage into custody after a brief struggle.