State Will Cover Some Cleanup Costs For Fawn Fire Survivors

Residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the Fawn Fire have been given the option of having the state clean up debris for free, as has been the case with other large Northstate wildfires. Some materials, including heavy metals, Asbestos, pesticides, cleaning chemicals and paint, were removed during phase one inspections by the State Department of Toxic Substances Control. Phase two of the cleanup requires the permission of homeowners, who can opt out if they choose. The State OES will scrape the ash and dust from damaged parcels. They’ll tap homeowners insurance policies as much as they can, but costs not covered by insurance will be absorbed by the state and not billed to the fire survivors. Property owners need to complete a right of entry permit to allow the state onto their property, but they don’t need to get any other permits. Those who choose to go it alone will be subject to the deadlines established by the county and must get a demolition permit. Those permits are free to those in the Fawn Fire Zone, and $2,000 vouchers will help with disposal of materials at the county landfill near Igo. On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors is expected to approve an emergency ordinance clarifying these services.