Teens Stuck By Vehicle After Brawl At Sundial Bridge

A brawl at the Sundial Bridge Friday night ended with two teenagers being struck by a car. Redding Police were called at 11:20PM. They learned that 18-year-olds Kaden Fritz and Kaden Metheny had been with a group of 10 to 15 friends on the SundialBbridge when they saw 40-year-old Lawrence Williams and 36-year-old Sarah Stimson, both of Weaverville, under the bridge. The group of teens was yelling at Williams and antagonizing him until he came up onto the bridge to fight. They ganged up on him, striking him in the head and then kicking him while he was down. Williams and Stimson fled to their minivan in the parking lot, and the group followed them and stood in front of the van while throwing rocks at it. As the van drove away, Fritz and Metheny were hit. Fritz sustained a broken ankle while Metheny suffered a head injury and was in stable condition at last word. Williams was also apparently injured, but officers have not been able to reach him. Stimson, who was not injured, contacted police later and made a statement. No arrests have been made. Anyone who can help detectives with the investigation can call 225-4200.