Protest Planned At Sundial Bridge Against Vaccine Mandates

Anti-vaccination activists have been holding public demonstrations all weekend in preparation for Monday’s planned school walkout. There’s no way of knowing how many teachers will refuse to go to work during Monday’s statewide protest, or how many parents will keep their children from attending class. Some of them will participate in a rally planned for the amphitheater near the Sundial Bridge at 10AM. The governor has ordered that all teachers and other school employees must either get vaccinated against COVID-19 or receive weekly testing. The same requirement will apply to students after the full FDA approval of the vaccines. Unvaccinated students would be limited to distance learning. The most recent available data shows on Thursday Shasta County had 70 new cases for a total of 488 active cases, with 42 people in the hospital and 8 in the ICU. Information about testing and vaccinations is at