California Begins New Water Year About 50% Below 15 Year Average

We all know it’s been a dry year, but some numbers released by the Bureau of Reclamation really spell it out. The official water year begins October 1st, with the Central Valley Project starting with just over half of the water of a 15 year average. Only 1977 was drier. For Lake Shasta, which has a capacity of 4.55 Million acre feet, the 2020 water year ended with 2.2 and the 2021 water year ended with just 1.08. Trinity Lake has a capacity of 2.45 and it ended with .71. The statewide capacity is 11.8 Million acre feet, but it’s only holding 3.2 . Then there’s hydroelectric power. An average year sees the Central Valley Project produce 4.5 Billion Kilowatt hours, but during the latest water year, only 2.9 was produced. An acre foot is how much water it would take to cover one acre of land one foot deep.