Man With Fake Gun Frightens I-5 Drivers

An arrest was made after reports of a man armed with an AR style rifle in the bushes along Interstate Five Saturday morning. The CHP was told that the man was on the east side of the freeway south of Cypress. RPD and CHP officers began searching and an RPD officer spotted the man from June Street on the other side of the freeway fence, and another officer saw him from the other side of the freeway. He was wearing a backpack and carrying a bag. When he saw officers he ran back into the bushes and made his way north, right into the arms of awaiting officers. 35-year-old Marcus Carter of Temecula has prior felony convictions and had a felony burglary warrant out of Tehama County. Police say he had a loaded flare gun and a backpack had been discarded in a tree that contained a BB rifle that looked like an AK-47 with a folding stock.