Bridgett Issues Statement After Zapata Trial Ends

Shasta County District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett has released a statement concerning the Carlos Zapata trial. She stresses that political disagreements should never be solved with violence. She also wants to point out that she does not make decisions to prosecute based on politics or popularity, nor did the decision to press charges come at the direction of anyone behind the scenes. Some Zapata supporters, including County Supervisors Les Baugh and Patrick Jones, had stated or implied that the charges against Zapata and his two co-defendants had been at the behest of Supervisor Leonard Moty. Charges were filed in June for a fight in Downtown Redding that injured Nathan Pinkney, an opponent of the supervisors recall campaign. Carlos Zapata of the “Red, White and Blueprint” group, along with Christopher Meagher and Elizabeth Bailey, were accused of roughing up Pinkney in the alley behind his workplace. This week, all three were found guilty of disturbing the peace, while only Meagher and Bailey were convicted of battery. Their sentencing has been delayed at the request of the defense.