Jury Finds Zapata Not Guilty Of Battery, Guilty Of Disturbing The Peace

A jury trial has concluded from a conflict involving supporters of the Shasta County supervisors recall effort and an opponent. Charges were filed in June for a fight in Downtown Redding that injured Nathan Pinkney, an opponent of the recall campaign. Carlos Zapata of the “Red, White and Blueprint” group, along with two friends, were accused of roughing up Pinkney in the alley behind his workplace. The DA’s Office eventually filed misdemeanor charges of battery and disturbing the peace by fighting against Zapata and his companions, Christopher Meagher and Elizabeth Bailey. Proceedings were suspended a couple of weeks ago because of Covid concerns, but the jury returned a decision Wednesday. All three were found guilty of disturbing the peace, while only Meagher and Bailey were convicted of battery. They’ll be sentenced Thursday afternoon.