County Clerk: Staff Working To Verify Recall Signatures, Around 800 Verified So Far

Employees at the Shasta County Clerk’s Office have been working long hours trying to get through the tedious process of verifying petition signatures for the potential recall of District Two Supervisor Leonard Moty. Recall Shasta and the Shasta County General Purpose Committee delivered petitions containing more than 6,000 signatures last week. The number needed to call a special election for Moty’s recall would be 4,308, which is 20% of the registered voters in the district. county Clerk Cathy Darling-Allen tells us that the task of verifying the validity of that many signatures and addresses and matching them to voter rolls is daunting. It’s vastly more complicated than simply counting votes in an election. As of Tuesday afternoon, staff had verified around 800 of the signatures. The verification process needs to be done within 30 days. Darling-Allen has said the cost to recall a single supervisor would be around $420,000. Recall organizers gave up on their efforts to include Joe Chimenti and Mary Rickert in their recall attempt. The primary stated reason for the recall campaign was the supervisors’ compliance with state mandated Covid restrictions on businesses. However, the campaign was largely funded by Reverge Anselmo, who moved to the east coast in 2011 after a battle over having to get building permits for his winery in Inwood.