Arsonist Faces Nearly 12 Years In Prison For Starting Fires In 2019

A Redding man has entered guilty pleas to three counts of arson committed two years ago during a state of emergency. 28-year-old Nicholas Hunt was arrested in September of 2019. Cal-Fire Officers had been following Hunt around Redding after he was suspected of starting three previous arson fires. They followed him off Highway 273 and down Branstetter Lane until he sped past them going the opposite way. The officers could then see the faint glow of fire along the road. They extinguished the fire, and then another one, and then another. Hunt had experience working on a state inmate fire crew, so he knew how to set fires and he knew it was a Red Flag fire danger day. Hunt was later found and booked into jail on One Million Dollars bail. Following his guilty pleas Monday, Hunt faces 11 years 8 months in state prison when he’s sentenced in December.