Recovery Begins As Residents Return To Areas Destroyed In The Fawn Fire

A lot of repair and overhaul work remains to be done on the Fawn Fire, but with 90% containment all residents are allowed to return home. The fire was apparently intentionally started on Wednesday night of last week and burned 8,578 acres before forward progress was stopped Monday afternoon. Warnings remain in effect for an area near Jones Valley Boat Launch and the Clikapudi Trail. Cal-Fire reports 185 structures were destroyed and another 26 were damaged in the fire. Three firefighters were injured. We’ve gotten some clarification about the sort of things property owners can remove from their own fire-damaged properties without disqualifying themselves from government help later. The Sheriff’s Office had warned that as people recover salvageable items from the remains of their homes, removing fire debris from the footprint of the home’s foundation may make them ineligible for debris removal assistance from the government. Apparently it’s fine to recover personal belongings from the ashes. What should not be removed is anything that had been part of the home’s structure, or any appliances, or anything that may be considered hazardous debris. Sifting kits and personal protective equipment are being distributed by the Red Cross. Officials are working on setting up a local assistance center for Fawn Fire survivors. There’s a lot of good information from Cal-Fire for returning residents at