Recall Shasta Turns In Signatures To County Clerk’s Office

The people who want to recall three Shasta County Supervisors have turned in their petitions. Recall Shasta says they delivered petitions containing more 6,000 signatures, including 1,700 more than needed to call a special election for the recall of Leonard Moty. Signatures must be confirmed for 20% of registered voters. For Moty’s District Two, that would be 4,308 signatures. The recall attempts against Joe Chimenti and Mary Rickert apparently have been conceded. County Clerk Cathy Darling-Allen says the cost to taxpayers for a special election to recall a single supervisor would be $420,000. For all three, it would be $640,000. The Recall Shasta Campaign has been largely funded by Reverge Anselmo, who moved out of the county in 2011 after a battle over having to get building permits for his winery in Inwood.