Most New COVID Infections In Shasta County Are Among Younger People

The latest reported Shasta County Covid death was a man in his 40s. Another 159 new cases of the virus were reported in Shasta County on Wednesday. Most infections are in the 18 to 39 age group, and an increasing number are under 18. There’s no vaccine for children under 12-years-old. Shasta County Office of Education officials say many schools are on the verge of closing due to staffing shortages, but distance learning has been prohibited by the state legislature. There are 84 Covid patients in the hospital, and a record high of 26 in the ICU. The good news is that vaccinations are on the rise. Nearly 2,500 Shasta County residents got vaccinated last week, which is the highest number since June. It’s still possible for vaccinated people to get Covid, but they rarely get seriously ill from it. Testing and vaccinations are free, with options listed at