48 Properties Damaged In The Zogg Fire Fully Cleared Of Debris

While a great deal of attention has been focused on this year’s wildfire’s, the California Office of Emergency Services has been busy cleaning up from last year’s fires. Property owners could choose to have the state scrape their land of all debris or they could opt to just have the hazardous trees removed. In Shasta County, 48 of the 106 Zogg Fire properties participating in either the full debris removal process of just the hazardous tree removal option have been completed and are in the hands of County Resource Management. In Trinity County, 45 of the 221 participating properties are complete. The vast majority of the properties are cleared, but still need soil testing and erosion control measures. Statewide, of the 5,991 properties with damage, the owners of 3,834 chose to allow the state to do the work rather than hire private contractors.