RPD Says Scammers Are Posing As Cops Demanding Money

A tired old scam has found new life in Shasta County. Scam artists can use a method called “spoofing” to make the Caller ID number whatever they choose. Recently people have been getting calls from what appears to be the Redding Police Department, with the number (530) 225-2500. The caller claims to be an officer demanding that the call taker purchase gift cards from local retailers and provide the card numbers and security codes over the phone. Redding Police want to remind everyone that law enforcement agencies do not -ever, under any circumstances- call anybody to say they need to pay money immediately over the phone. These scams often target the elderly. People should be wary when they see someone trying to purchase pre-paid cards with high dollar values. They should be warned that they’re being ripped off. Anyone who receives such a call should hang up and call the actual police.