Shasta Coronavirus Spike Continues

Another 115 COVID cases were reported in Shasta County from Tuesday. There are 86 COVID patients in the hospital and 20 of them in the ICU.
Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has received full FDA approval, but no vaccine has been approved for children under 12. Other treatments, such as the de-wormer Ivermectin, are ineffective against COVID and potentially harmful. About 40% of the COVID infections in Shasta County have been vaccinated people, but only a tiny fraction of the deaths and hospitalizations. A free walk-in vaccine clinic is open at the Redding Senior Center on Benton Drive each Friday through Sunday from 10 to 7, with other options available at
Shasta County Public Health says anyone who tests positive, has symptoms or has been exposed to someone with the virus should not go to an emergency room or other medical facility and risk infecting others, but should follow the isolation and quarantine instructions at