North State Fire Update

The Dixie Fire has burned more than 725,800 acres, now with 40% containment. It continues to start spot fires well outside of control lines but crews have held the line outside Janesville and they’re mopping up in Genesee Valley. In Lassen Park around 47,000 acres have burned. 7 of the 8 cabins around Juniper Lake have been destroyed, as well as the historic Harkness Lookout. Well over 700 homes are confirmed destroyed, along with hundreds of commercial and other structures. 3 firefighters have been injured. Around 6,000 personnel are working the Dixie Fire. It started in the Feather River Canyon July 13th, apparently from a PG&E equipment failure.

More than 10,000 homes are still threatened by the Monument Fire, now more than 150,000 acres and 20% contained. 2 firefighters have been injured. 19 structures, along with 29 minor structures, have been destroyed. Evacuation orders are in effect for parts of Hayfork, as well as Junction City to Burnt Ranch. Warnings have been issued for Weaverville, Douglas City, Hawkins Bar and Denny. Highway 299 is closed from Cedar Flat to McCoy Lane Road

Fire crews are doing well to hold lines around most of the McFarland fire, on the Shasta/Trinity County line south of Highway 36. The McFarland is now 118,000 acres and 66% contained. At least 20 homes and 18 other structures have been destroyed. Fire was still active Sunday with gusty winds and low humidity. Crews are strengthening containment of Beegum Gorge, and the lines along Highway 36 are holding. Evacuations remain in effect, including for Platina and all Shasta County homes from the Trinity County line to the Tehama County line. Tehama County evacuations are for west of Vestal and Weemasoul Roads to the Shasta County line and south of Highway 36.

The River Complex in Klamath National Forest started as more than a dozen lightning fires on July 30th. There are now three main fires that expanded greatly over the weekend, now totaling more than 86,500 acres, still with just 10% containment as spotting continues well outside control lines. An evacuation order is in effect for Cecilville, Summerville, Petersburg and Coffee Creek.

The Antelope Fire is another Klamath lightning fire. It’s raging in the Antelope Creek drainage, now more than 66,900 acres with containment of 30%. An evacuation order is in effect for many areas, including Medicine Lake and Old State Highway, as well as Sharp Mountain, Wild Horse, Garner Butte, Three Sisters, Mount Hebron, Shasta Wood, Duck Lake, Round Valley and Long Prairie.