Man Allegedly Had Firebomb At Shasta Lake City Rite Aid

A man arrested at a store in Shasta Lake City Friday afternoon seemed to have a sinister plan in the works, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Employees at the Rite Aid reported the man was opening items and consuming them, and also huffing from aerosol cans, and refused to leave when asked. When deputies got there, 34-year-old Jason Franklin Sisk was holding a beer bottle, a plastic container and a Bic lighter. Apparently he had made a molotov cocktail by filling the beer bottle half full of tiki torch fluid and stuffing a fluid-soaked rag into it. Deputies say he had sprayed the fluid up and down three aisles and soaked some packages of diapers. They also found aerosol cans of combustibles taped together in several places. It appeared Sisk intended to blow up the store. He also was wanted for questioning by Shasta Lake Fire investigators for a fire on August 15th. Sisk was booked into jail.