Men Accused Of Torture & Murder For 2019 Killing

Three arrests have been made in the 2019 drug-related murder of a parolee from Orland, according to the Corning Observer. 26-year-old Brandon Dawson had been sought by Corning Police following a high-speed pursuit in January of 2019, when officers chased a Nissan sedan for three miles through Corning until the driver jumped from the moving car and ran away. A search of the area was done with no success, but officers recognized the driver as Brandon Dawson. The passenger was charged for the several pounds of Marijuana that was in the car. Dawson had been wanted until the discovery of his body in mid-April of that year. He had disappeared from his Orland home under suspicious circumstances in March. Investigators believe Dawson was kidnapped from his home due to a drug dispute and taken to the Orland home of Michael Oliviera. There, he was handcuffed and severely beaten. His body was burned, his hands were cut off and he was shot in the head. His body was found in a shallow grave in the Walker Ridge area of Colusa County. Stanley Grundy, John Poldervaart, Michael Oliveira and others are accused of the torture and murder. Clayton Humphrey is accused of helping bury the remains. Oliveira was killed in an unrelated shooting in Willows in 2019. The others are standing trial in Glenn County.