Officers Pursue Stolen Vehicle, Chase Ends Near Redding Fire Station

A Redding man in a stolen car was captured after stubbornly resisting his pursuers. At around Noon Thursday RPD Officers were sent to the area of Brookridge Drive and Stonethrow Court, where a car had just been stolen. An arriving officer saw the car on its way out of the neighborhood and followed it. When a traffic stop was attempted, a chase began from Oasis Road onto Interstate 5. When a CHP Aircraft began tracking the car from above, the RPD discontinued the pursuit, but then the stolen car was seen ramming another car, so officers joined the chase again. A spike strip was used by RPD and another by a Sheriff’s Sergeant but they didn’t stop the car, which led officers onto Cascade Boulevard, Pine Grove Boulevard, Oasis Road and through residential neighborhoods. Eventually, RPD Officers rammed the car near the Redding Fire Station at Beltline and Oasis. The driver tried to run but he was stopped by bean bag rounds. After medical treatment, 55-year-old Kevin Dunbar was booked on multiple felony charges.