Officers Arrest McKinleyville Man Who Tried To Hide In Chicken Coop

Two suspected thieves were arrested after one of them tried to hide out in a chicken coop. At 10:19AM Wednesday morning an RPD Officer tried to stop a pickup truck for a traffic violation. Instead of pulling over, the driver ran a red light, pulled into a parking lot and took off running. The passenger, Delmar Allen, didn’t bother to run and he was detained. The CHP spotted the running man from an aircraft and guided the RPD as the suspect ran through yards in a residential neighborhood. Gunner the K9 tracked down 35-year-old Daniel Hillemeier of McKinleyville where he was hiding in a chicken coop covered in chicken feces and straw. The truck had been stolen, and stolen property was inside from two separate Redding burglaries. The goods were returned to the owners. Hillemeier and Allen were booked into jail on $10,000 bail.