Sheriff: 14 Arrested In Lava Fire Zone, Deputies Offered $1,000 To Enter Area

The already tense relationship between the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department and the Hmong population of the Mount Shasta Vista Subdivision has been stretched thin by the Lava Fire. Last Monday a man from Kansas who was visiting family met with trouble at a roadblock and, according to the sheriff, brandished a gun and possibly fired shots. He was shot dead by officers from at least 3 different law enforcement agencies. Word around the community is that his wife and three children were in a car right behind him and witnessed the death. On Saturday the sheriff’s office revealed that on Wednesday 14 people were arrested for entering or refusing to leave the subdivision, including a man who pushed a county employee with his vehicle and ran a roadblock. The sheriff also implied that someone offered a government official $1,000 to be allowed into an evacuated area.