Update: Officers Shoot & Kill Man Who Tried To Go Around Roadblock In Fire Zone

A man was shot and killed by Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Deputies and other officers within the Lava Fire evacuation zone. At 8:36PM Monday night a group of Sheriff’s Deputies, State Fish and Wildlife Officers and Etna Police were gathered at Shasta Vista Drive and County Road A-12 to direct people toward Montague and away from the evacuated Mount Shasta Vistas. As a GMC pickup approached, officers were pointing him in the right direction but he apparently ignored them and tried to drive around the roadblock. While an officer was talking to the man he reportedly raised a semi-auto handgun and was shot by officers from all three agencies. He may have squeezed off a few rounds before he was gunned down. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The Mount Shasta Vista Subdivision is where the Sheriff’s Office has been in an ongoing battle with cannabis growers, most of them members of a large Hmong population. As part of the fight against the growers, a recent county ordinance was passed that prohibits the transport of more than 100 gallon of water without a permit.