Update: Magrini Maligned By Sheriff’s Office Staff

All is not well with the working environment at the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, as evidenced in a scathing statement released by a group of Captains and Lieutenants, as well as the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. The now-former Sheriff of Shasta County, Eric Magrini, is now the Assistant County Executive Officer, a newly created position that Magrini applied for and was chosen to fill by County CEO Matt Pontes. The Sheriff’s Administration Association, or “SAA”, says Magrini has been removed from the poor job he was doing as Sheriff and given even greater responsibility over the public safety budget. A letter was sent to the Board of Supervisors in February expressing concerns about potentially illegal and unethical behavior by Magrini and/or Undersheriff Jason Barnhart, who is now the acting Sheriff. The letter said there was no confidence in their leadership, which was also reflected in a vote by the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Magrini was reported to be dismissive of the vote and sought to retaliate against those leading the push against him. The S.A.A. apparently never heard back from the board. They asked that an outside investigator look into their accusations of breaching ethical and legal conduct, misuse of law enforcement systems and funding, making false statements and concealing documents. The S.A.A. was not satisfied with the investigators hired by Pontes because they answered only to him. We were unable to contact Pontes or Magrini about the accusations.

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