Police Continue Seeking Leads 4 Years After Woman Disappearance

Anderson Police are again reaching out to the public for help in a 4-and-a-half year old missing persons case. Jessica Roggenkamp, who was 44-years old at the time, was last seen by her family December 9th of 2016 when she took a sleeping bag and pillow and headed toward Igo in her black 2010 Ford Mustang. She told the friends she was visiting that she would be taking a scenic route, but she never arrived at her destination. On December 14th a game warden found the Mustang parked off of Highway 36 in a remote area of Trinity County. The car was unlocked with the keys still inside, it was out of gas, and the spare tire was on, with a damaged tire in the trunk. Roggenkamp’s purse and cell phone were not found, but her sleeping bag, pillow, and duffel bag of clothing were in the car. Two Cal-Trans workers reported helping her change her flat tire. She was wearing what looked like pajamas at the time and she told them she was on her way to a party at Harrison Gulch. There’s been no evidence of foul play. Jessica was apparently Bipolar and had been off her medication. The family is still desperate for answers. Photos are posted to the KQMS Facebook Page.