Protesters Say County Water Ordinance Leaves Community Dry

What’s being called a tool to combat illegal cannabis cultivation by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office is leaving a vast number of rural residents without water, according to protesters who gathered in Yreka Tuesday. The area in question is the Shasta Vistas, which is home to thousands of Hmong and other Asian-Americans. The sheriff’s office pushed for an ordinance passed last month by the board of supervisors that requires a permit for water trucks or any other vehicles to travel on county roads with more than 100 gallons of water. The sheriff says they’re trying to cut off water for pot growers, and prevent further environmental damage. Last week the sheriff’s office posted photos on their Facebook Page showing the mess left by some growers, including two properties that had a total of 527 greenhouses containing more than 133,000 cannabis plants. Because the focus is on the Shasta Vistas area, some people in the Asian-American community feel they’re being unfairly targeted and they’re apparently seeking an injunction against the water ordinance.