Early Morning Fight Leaves Two With Stab Wounds

An early morning fight in Shasta Lake City ended with two men getting stabbed and two men going to jail. At 3 O’clock Wednesday morning deputies and medical personnel were called to a home on Shasta Way. 33-year-old Justin Forbes and 21-year-old Brandon Wible both had non-life-threatening stab wounds. Wible said he had gotten a phone call from 20-year-old Thor Turnbaugh saying he was going to go kick in the door where Forbes and his family live. Wible went to Forbes’ house to help his friend and was met in the driveway by Thor Turnbaugh and his brother Zeth. The brothers reportedly began assaulting Wible, and Forbes ran out of the house and joined the fray. After Forbes and Wible were wounded, the Turnbaugh brothers fled the scene. They were arrested later and booked into jail for assault with a deadly weapon.