Chronic Offender Arrested After Climbing Electrical Tower

A man with multiple arrests was taken into custody in Anderson after apparently trying to bullfight with passing cars. At 3:30PM Saturday afternoon APD Officers were called to McMurry Drive and North Street on reports that a man was running in and out of the roadway trying to hit cars with an article of clothing. When officers arrived he was climbing the steel frame base of the high voltage electric transmission line tower next to I-5. He was punching at the air and also swinging from the frame of the tower. Officers recognized the man from prior contacts as 48-year-old Joshua Mangan, and he climbed down voluntarily when asked. He was reportedly in custody of a syringe loaded with Methamphetamine, which he said he had recently injected. Since the beginning of last year, Mangan has been arrested 21 times, including for brandishing weapons, drug use, theft and vandalism. He’s been designated a chronic offender by the D.A.’s Office.