Barr & Mudford Files Suit Against Former West Valley High School Football Coach

A long-anticipated lawsuit that alleges hazing through sexual assault has been filed against the Anderson Union High School District and former West Valley High School Football Coach Greg Grandell. The suit filed by Barr and Mudford on Tuesday lays out in graphic detail the ritualized use of a PVC pipe with a tennis ball on the end of it known to varsity football team members as the “Piya Stick”. The suit says that in 2019 and 2020, at least four members of the team reported the use of the stick as a tool of sexual assault and humiliation against numerous teammates. When the situation was reported to Coach Grandell, he reportedly did nothing to stop it but instead told the team members that anyone discussing the situation with any outside party would be kicked off the team. He later allegedly contacted a student and tried to convince him to drop the suit by saying people could lose their jobs. Grandell resigned last year. Claims were filed with the district, but they were denied. The civil suit alleges negligence, failure to supervise students, breach of mandatory reporter laws and civil rights violations.