Kidnapping Suspect Arrested After Chase In Tehama County

The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office says a prominent businessman’s grown son was kidnapped for ransom by a disgruntled former employee in a scheme that ended quickly. Deputies were called to Cone Grove Park east of Red Bluff at 9:30PM Tuesday night by a 25-year-old woman. She said a man had arrived at a property where she and the 22-year-old male victim were working, and tied both of them up at gunpoint. She said the kidnapper left her behind and fled with the other victim in a gold colored SUV. Deputies saw the suspect vehicle on Highway 99 and tried to stop it, but it fled and a chase began, heading north on Highway 36. Deputies say they saw a gun being thrown from the vehicle, which eventually stopped near Stice Road. The tied-up victim was in the SUV, and the driver was 37-year-old Andrew Cornelius Loewen of Orland. Deputies say he had previously worked for the victim’s father, for whom he had left a ransom note demanding a large amount of money for the release of the victim. The pistol he had apparently used was a replica. Loewen is being held on $2 Million bail.