Shasta County Remains In Red Tier, 49 New Cases Reported

Shasta County’s adjusted case rate has dropped from 8.7 to 8 daily cases per 100,000 residents, but the county remains in the red tier. The case rate would need to be below 6 for 2 weeks in a row in order to move to the orange tier. Tehama County has improved from red to orange. Only 10 counties are still in the red. The colored tier system of restrictions will be abandoned on June 15th.


Shasta County reported another 49 confirmed cases from Sunday and Monday, and 549 negative tests, for a total so far of 12,257 cases. 226 people have died of Covid. An estimated 167 people have the virus right now, 10 are hospitalized and 1 is in intensive care.


Tehama County has reported 5,590 cases and 59 deaths.
There have been 404 cases and 5 deaths in Trinity County.
2,282 have been reported in Siskiyou County with 26 deaths.
Butte County has reported 185 deaths among their 11,916 cases.
Lassen County has had 22 deaths among their 2,125 cases in the community and 2 deaths among the 3,593 cases in prison.
Humboldt County has had 4,152 cases and 42 deaths.
Modoc County has had 501 cases and 4 deaths.