RPD Releases Report On Altercation Between Zapata & “Nathan Blayz”

Redding Police have investigated a dispute between a leader of the Shasta County supervisor recall campaign and one of his critics. 42-year-old Carlos Zapata, who owns a Red Bluff bar and lives in Palo Cedro, has been one of the loudest voices of criticism against the Shasta County Board of Supervisors during the pandemic. His aggressive statements have brought him a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Much of the drama has been well documented online in “A News Cafe”, which also has posted some videos by Nathaniel Pinkney, A.K.A. “Nathan Blayz”, in which he impersonates Zapata and ridicules the “Red, White and Blueprint” group. After an exchange of texts between the two on May 4th, Zapata and his wife sat down at the bar at a Downtown Redding restaurant where Pinkney works as a cook. When Pinkney left the kitchen and went behind the bar, he and Zapata started arguing until Zapata reportedly threw his drink. The glass broke and the drink doused Pinkney. Zapata was then asked to leave and he did. Police say Pinkney and a co-worker, Kenneth Cornelius, followed Zapata to another downtown business and the argument resumed. Zapata was then joined by two friends, Christopher Meagher and Elizabeth Bailey. The argument spilled into the parking lot, where police say Bailey grabbed Pinkney’s shirt and, as he pulled away, Meagher punched him in the face. Police say Meagher then picked up a large CO-2 canister that was behind a business and threatened Pinkney and Cornelius with it before putting it back down. The parties then went their separate ways. Pinkney returned to his workplace and reportedly armed himself with a handgun, which is registered to him, and talked about shooting someone but didn’t specify a name. His coworkers calmed him down and disarmed him. As the community runs in various directions with the story, the police report has been submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for review.