Parolee Arrested After Beating, Robbing Elderly Man Of Casino Winnings

An elderly man who won money at Win-River Casino over the weekend was kidnapped, beaten unconscious and robbed. Friday night the unidentified man had won what’s described as a substantial amount of money and as he was leaving a man got into his car and forced him to drive west on Clear Creek Road and stop near Dredge Lane. The victim was then forced to walk out into the woods, where he was assaulted. He tried to fight but the robber knocked him out. When he regained consciousness and realized he was bloodied and his money had been taken from his pockets, he walked to the road in time to see the suspect getting into a Toyota Tundra pickup and head east. He called 9-1-1 at around 12:30AM, and as deputies were responding they saw the pickup turning onto Highway 273 from Clear Creek Road. They didn’t stop the truck, but they noted the license plate number After hearing the story, deputies found the pickup driving on Highway 273. The two occupants said they had been on Clear Creek Road when a man came out of the woods and flagged them down. He offered them money to give him a ride into Redding. Deputies then went to the home where the suspect had been dropped off and found 29-year-old Anthony Marcell Robbinswray, a parolee from Shasta Lake City. He reportedly admitted to the robbery and the money was recovered. He was booked into jail on several felony charges.