Armed Man Arrested At Redding Police Department

An armed man from Klamath Falls, Oregon was arrested after seeking police protection from unknown threats. A little after 7AM Saturday morning, 24-year-old Devin Bradley Zimmer started making multiple 9-1-1 calls to SHASCOM, saying he was chasing people and being chased by other people, none of whom he could identify. He also mentioned he was wanted for gun charges in Oregon and was carrying a loaded handgun. Dispatchers convinced Zimmer to go to the Redding Police Department. When he got to the station he reportedly refused to do what officers told him and fled back toward the open door of his pickup. He was shot with beanbag rounds and taken into custody. A loaded 9 millimeter Beretta was found on the drivers seat. Attendees of the nearby farmers market were startled by the confrontation, but nobody was injured other than Zimmer.