Lone Stranger & Sidekick Still On The Run

The Asphalt Cowboys loot was found Tuesday night at a yellow traffic barricade chained to a light pole in front of the Asphalt Cowboys Clubhouse. The finder collected $1000. The Lone Stranger and Accomplice have not yet been identified. The reward is now $600 for naming the duo. The reward goes down $200 a day.

Here is Thursday’s clue:


A tough game of hold ’em they played,
All four suits were in demand.
A pair of deuces was on the table,
But the sidekick’s jacks did win the hand.


This is the clue from Wednesday:


As the standard chase ensued,
The Asphalt Cowboys faced rejection.
They lost them at the bluff
Even though they pointed in the right direction.


And here’s the first clue from Tuesday:


Running from the posse was easy,
Pressed on all night they did
Electing to plot their escape,
Still under the stars they hid.


To make a guess on the identities of the Stranger and Accomplice, call 223-1188.