“Red White & Blueprint” Leader Accused Of Assaulting Online Critic

An ongoing battle of words has apparently become physical between a leader of the local county supervisor recall campaign and one of his critics. That’s according to Doni Chamberlain of “A News Cafe”. Carlos Zapata, who owns a Red Bluff bar and lives in Shasta County, has been one of the loudest voices of criticism against the Shasta County Board of Supervisors during the pandemic. His aggressive statements and threatening manner have brought him a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Much of the drama has been well documented online in “A News Cafe”, which also has posted some videos by Nathan Blayz in which he impersonates Zapata and ridicules the “Red, White and Blueprint” movement that Zapata has helped to cultivate. After an exchange of texts between the two, Zapata reportedly showed up at the restaurant where Blayz works and threw a drink on him. Blayz says Zapata then entered the kitchen with two companions, one of whom Blayz says struck him on the head with something hard, breaking the skin and leaving a bump. Blayz says he plans to press charges, and possibly sue for damages. Zapata says the incident was blown out of proportion and he’s being mischaracterized.